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2009-02-06 | Esperanza Center

Added on February 6th , 2009

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“This is the new logo for the Esperanza Center in Bozeman, MT. The Esperanza Center is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization that provides alternative education and therapeutic experiences inspired by the natural world and horse-human interactions.

Being as the Esperanza Center specializes in the interactions between horses and humans for therapeutic healing, I wanted to make that aspect very apparent in the design of the logo. My intent was for a Yin and Yang feel between a horse and a human… something I think the finished logo captures very well.

The purpose of this logo was to give the Esperanza Center a more credible and professional appearance. This in turn will help them in attracting the donations and volunteers the organization relies on..”

You can read the design process of the logo here.

Designer: David Howlett of Manifest Creative