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2014-09-30 | Blloon

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Blloon is a new ebook service for tablets and smartphones.

“We imagined Blloon as a vehicle to this world of stories, and started out by researching the most spectacular (and often impossible) vehicles and flying machines in both history and fiction. Our project room soon started to resemble a mad inventor’s laboratory with the walls covered in images of Leonardo flying machine drawings, illustrations from Jules Verne, zeppelins, Victorian air balloons, submarines and pretty much everything in between. After narrowing down our selection to a flying chair, a submarine and a spaceship we landed upon a strange looking balloon with a odd propellor at the front — there was no doubt this would be the logo. Interestingly the brand mark came a long time before we had the name. Working with a colleague in the Netherlands, we created a name that felt strange, and familiar at the same time. When pitching the name to the client the rationale was simple: “It’s a balloon without the ‘A’”.” via Brand New.

Credits: EdenSpiekermann.

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