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2014-07-28 | Curvature

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Curvature “We had a vision that we could help our customers run their IT better, smarter, and more efficiently; but also, more focused on the things that really matter.”

S+G design director Dominick Ricci explains their choices: “We designed a logotype that visually echoed the key points in the strategy. Our simple ligature of connecting the ‘V’ and ‘A’ proved to be an elegant way of symbolizing a forward-thinking, game-changing approach to IT. The ligature (curved line) is used as a standalone graphic element that weaves itself through communications reinforcing the logotype.”

Credits: Siegel+Gale

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One Comment to “2014-07-28 | Curvature”

Freedom Studios
Jul 29, 2014 at 1:41 am

I like the simplicity of the logo and the subtle use of the curve to bring in the focus on the name. Well done indeed.