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2014-07-08 | Obrenovac Youth

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In the floods in Serbia about a month ago, one whole town (Obrenovac) has been completely destroyed. Lot of people, old and young, lost all they have had.

Obrenovac Youth Foundation is caring about those people, with focus on children. They are collecting donations, give psychological help etc.

Circle is for “O” as Obrenovac, also symbolising connection between people, that are all in the same mess. Bottom symbol shows young man with hands up, asking for help. It’s “Y” shaped, for Youth. Hand on the top is “F” for Foundation and symbolise care, what is the main activity of organisation.

Credits: Boris Milosevic

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One Comment to “2014-07-08 | Obrenovac Youth”

Jul 9, 2014 at 7:39 am

I didn’t see a hand at first.
I saw a wave about to splash over the poor little man.

Apart from that, I like the look and feel of it.