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2014-02-20 | Bardon Cocktail Bar

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Bardon Cocktail Bar

“The word ‘pardon’ means ‘forgiveness’ ‘I’m sorry’ in French. In Greek slang it is used with the meaning of ‘pardon’, ’sorry’. BARdov is a cocktail bar in my city, Larissa, and the inspiration for the design of its logo, which can be characterized as architectural, came from its roof. The circles-curves which appear in the logo soften the austerity of the roof-sign, creating a balanced effect. The circles in the logo came up from the decorative lighting of the bar, a composition of round light bulbs. The font comes from the company You Work For Them and proved a perfect match for the project. The logo plays its role by being used repeatedly and creates a decorative motif on the cards, the napkins, the menu and even on the outside wall of BARdov.The sign was made of oxidized tin. In fact, it is a box with the logo cut out on its surface and hidden led lighting on the inside. The reason why it was made in this way is that there are decorative elements both on the floor and elsewhere in the bar which were made by means of oxidization so it matches the place’s style.
The completion of the project took 35 days. It was handed in on December 5th and BARdov opened its doors to the public on December 10th.”

Credits: Cursor

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