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2014-01-29 | HPST

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HPST is a Czech company distributing high-tech laboratory equipment produced by US technology company Agilent. The task to come up with their new logo and complete identity was quite challenging since range of their services, products and clients is extremely broad and diverse. Their position on the market is also specific: the team is young and extremely motivated but also well educated and specialized: both messages needs to be present in the identity.

Aim was therefore to create quite bold, abstract identity and logo, which will react to specific needs: be young and cheerful as well as solid and conservative. Five additional colors stand for five basic fields of HPST scope of work: chromatography, spectrophotometry, genomics, life products and consumables. Part of the task was to design large number of applications, merchandise, gifts, catalogues and a website. New identity is being slowly rolled out since first month of 2014.”

Credits: FRVR

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Like/ Letter P makes a corner – cool