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2013-10-21 | Melbourne Festival

The Melbourne Festival brandmark is inspired by the unique 20-degree angle of the Melbourne city grid. With the Hoddle rectangle as the focal point, it represents a bold stamp and a window to the exchange of ideas and culture, inspiring and sparking connections. Specifically, it is coloured with the festival’s historical purple, finished with cut-out texts in sans serif block capitals and the word “Festival” intentionally printed upside-down.

The beauty of the brandmark also lies in that it allows constantly varied, expressive and colourful campaigns to be layered on top. Created with the intention for the brand to have the freedom and flexibility to adapt and come to life every year in different ways, the brandmark evolves in this year’s campaign look.” – Futurebrand

Credits: Futurebrand

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One Comment to “2013-10-21 | Melbourne Festival”

Freedom Studios
Oct 22, 2013 at 1:54 am

This one is interesting and a little different. I initially thought the flipped type would not work but it actually makes you look deeper. Nice work.