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2012-07-05 | Nuovo Coffee

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Nuova Coffee is a company based out of Saratoga Springs, NY providing premium (dark roast, organic) coffee for regular brewing and iced coffee. They focus on providing only the best iced coffee in keeping with the Greek tradition of brewing iced coffee (invented in Greece). The owner of Nuova Coffee is 100% Greek, living in Saratoga NY.

The owner of Nuova Coffee wanted a logo that reflected his (and the exceptional coffee’s) Greek roots and heritage while conveying a modern feel and reflection of the local culture of Saratoga Springs.

The  flourish is reminiscent of Greek artwork and design (as seen in traditional paintings and pottery in Greek history). The thoroughbred horse in the center calls attention to the culture of Saratoga Springs, NY. Saratoga is known all over the world for thoroughbred horse racing. The slogan of the city in upstate New York is ‘heath, history and horses.’ Additionally, the flourish was all hand drawn to convey a natural, organic feel while remaining clean and refreshing.

The text is bold and heavy, much like the roast of the coffee they provide. And, of course the ‘o’ in ‘Nuova’ is in the shape of a coffee bean to reflect the product. The sans-serif font below reading ‘Coffee’ describes the light, delicious, refreshing after-tones of this particular coffee.

Credits: Emelina Spinelli

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3 Comments to “2012-07-05 | Nuovo Coffee”

Berrry Website Builder
Jul 8, 2012 at 8:51 am

I think the logo has an interesting mix, bringing in classic elements with some modern type. I am not sure that it gels 100% though. Personally I think just the type and the image of the coffee bean that replaces the ‘O’ is enough to make it look great.

Jul 16, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Very cool logo. I love the mix of classical Greek elements with the streamline coffee bean. Nice way to add uniqueness to a coffee product.


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