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2011-12-21 | Rivers Edge

This Logo was created for a Pediatrician in Columbus Ohio. They are located next to a major river and have been since they opened their office many years ago. They focus on making and keeping kids healthy. With River’s Edge close proximity to the river, we wanted to use that as a starting point to the logo, but we waned to go a bit further than showing an abstract river mark. Our aim was to show healthy kids being kids. After all a Pediatrician is focussed on keeping kids healthy. So the solution was to show a Kids healthy and enjoying life as a kid all year long.

We decide to make the boy interact with the logo and change how he interacts for all four seasons. Fall the boy is Fishing, Spring He is flying a kite and Summer he is swinging on a Rope. The winter logo shows an absent boy with his sled against the tree.

This logo and Brand has proven to be really flexible for the client and has motivated them to remodel their office around the mark. Their website changes every season to the new logo and colors. You can see the other logo examples at https://dribbble.com/glcreative

Credits: Greenline Creative

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One Comment to “2011-12-21 | Rivers Edge”

Freedom Studios
Dec 27, 2011 at 1:52 am

This logo is very cool. It immediately brings to mind those good old tales of Huck Finn and reminds me of kids having wholesome fun. Great idea – well done!