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2011-11-01 | DC Assembly for School

“The DC Assembly on School Health Care (DC Assembly) is a non profit organization that promotes and provides health care to school children in medically underserved areas. The group’s operating philosophy: academic success is directly related to physical, dental and mental wellness.

The organization’s complicated name and a large range of services challenged S Design to create a brand that communicates each facet of the group’s mission–all in one mark.

Since its inception, the young group has grown substantially in supporters and donors. And that just makes us want to turn cartwheels.”

Credits: S Design inc

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One Comment to “2011-11-01 | DC Assembly for School”

Freedom Studios
Nov 3, 2011 at 12:53 am

This is an interesting logo. I am not sure I would have understood it had it not been for the explanation though.