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2011-10-25 | Hederman

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If you know anything about smoked fish, then you’ll know Frank Hederman is the world’s undeniable champion of traditional artisan smoking. Reviewed in the New York Times as the best salmon money could buy, we couldn’t turn down an offer to re–establish the Hederman brand as a mark of luxury and quality. (Any friend of Rick Stein is a friend of ours after all). Working with typographical illustrator, Seb Lester, we designed the ‘H’ marque. And the result is a brand and suite of packaging that wouldn’t feel insecure sitting next to Prada, Hermes or Laurent Perrier.

Credits: HBD

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One Comment to “2011-10-25 | Hederman”

Freedom Studios
Oct 27, 2011 at 9:10 am

A very clean and classic looking logo. It has a sense of regality to it as well. Nicely done :)