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2011-08-06 | Pine Ridge Inn

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Pine Ridge Inn Hotel & Suites: “The new owners of the Pine Ridge Inn in Bend, Oregon wanted to reintroduce the brand to the market and reposition the Inn as less of a bed & breakfast and more of a boutique hotel. The discovery phase proved guests perceived the Inn as a hidden gem of quiet sophistication. We designed the logo using strong, flowing serif typography and introduced the simple three-tiered tree icon that is identified as a Northwest-themed pine tree and the Three Sisters Mountains that provide the backdrop of the hotel.”

Credits: Studio Absolute

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One Comment to “2011-08-06 | Pine Ridge Inn”

Aug 6, 2011 at 11:57 am

Overall, very nice..but it’s begging for something to make the type a bit more unique and for the icon to not be downplayed so much. It’s a bit too disconnected from the wordmark, and the size and color choice make it seem almost insignificant.