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2013-04-02 | ECEHH

The European Centre for Environment & Human Health approached the studio with a clear need to refresh their branding. The Centre (which is part of the University of Exeter Medical School) wanted an identity that could form a solid base to help establish them as leaders in their field. The Centre conducts research into the way the natural environment can impact health and wanted to interact with academics, policy makers and businesses in this burgeoning field.

After extensive initial research it was decided that the identity should attempt to combine two key elements of the organisation’s focus, that of ‘Environment’ and ‘Human’.

The final logo mark incorporated elements from a human finger print, tree ring structure and the barreling vortex of a breaking wave.”

Credits: Jordan Blyth

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2 Comments to “2013-04-02 | ECEHH”

Freedom Studios
Apr 3, 2013 at 1:54 am

This is a very interesting concept. I immediately saw the fingerprint but after reading the description can now see the other elements as well. Great work :)


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